Combinations 3 A 1TA T25 Marksmanship Hunter

These simulations are all based on the default profiles from SimulationCraft.
You can consider everything within the target error DPS range to be mostly equal and requiring a more detailed investigation.

The purpose of these simulations is to get a general idea of how different setups will compare with each other and not to promote any definitive best builds. Several variables (like different trinkets, WF/TF or ingame situations) are not taken into account. This is why you, as always, should simulate your own character to find your optimal setup.

The fact that generic azerite powers are not included is intended. The goal of such simulations is not to find the best possibilities out of millions possible combinations but rather let you know if a given azerite power alone could impact talents choices. One of the caveat is that it could happen with further stacks or a combination of two of them, those cases are not covered there. You might find more information about such events on your class resources.

Of course, you can also check how the talents compare each other without any azerite power (just unselect all of them). Which is ideal in case you are using only generic azerite powers for example.

Last Update: Nov 19, 12:35 AM (CEST)
WoW Version: #aef77f9d83
Target Error: 0.2% (~6 DPS)
Fight Length: 4.06.0 minutes

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#TalentsAzeriteDPSBoss DPS% Diff
1 In The Rhythm (x3)364824330.0
2 In The Rhythm (x3)36152409-0.9
3 In The Rhythm (x3)36132506-1.0
4 In The Rhythm (x3)36112412-1.0
5 In The Rhythm (x3)35872382-1.7
6 In The Rhythm (x3)35772482-1.9
7 In The Rhythm (x3)35642480-2.3
8 In The Rhythm (x3)35502371-2.7
9 In The Rhythm (x3)35422414-2.9
10 In The Rhythm (x3)35412412-2.9
11 In The Rhythm (x3)35282442-3.3
12 In The Rhythm (x3)35192394-3.5
13 In The Rhythm (x3)35182489-3.6
14 In The Rhythm (x3)35172392-3.6
15 In The Rhythm (x3)35132434-3.7
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